Unleash the full
potential of your
Gaming PC

with Lagranger’s intelligent Performance Tuning Engine (iPTE), powered by Veloxum™ – an affordable, effective way to tune and optimize your PC using its current hardware and ISP. Lagranger will change the way you game forever.

How It Works

Lagranger installs in just 5 seconds and starts maximizing your hardware and ISP’s full potential immediately.


1. Analyze System Setup

Your PC’s configuration and setup will automatically be detected by Lagranger’s intelligent Performance Tuning Engine.

2. Calculate Settings

Hundreds of interrelated settings for your PC are automatically calculated and set to maximize performance.

3. Real-time Optimization

Settings are continually tested and updated to maximize performance and capacity of changing workloads.

Up your Game

Lagranger will help your Gaming PC run smoother, give you faster boot times, display more frames, and can even optimize your network speed. Improved performance helps you play and stream on twitch by maximizing your upload speed.

Computers were designed to be tuned and Lagranger makes it easy to unleash the true power of your PC automatically.


Optimize up to 50% of your PC's CPU Usage


Your WAN throughput can improve up to 600%!


Reduce Packet Loss by up to 60%


Improve iSCSI Performance by 50%

The Lagranger intelligent Performance Tuning Engine powered by Veloxum™ is tested, proven, and fully certified by

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